Next time you’re in New Hampshire…

Yesterday’s journey took me up to Hampton Beach, about an hour and a half away from where I live. I was wishing so badly that I’d had a blog, because my food was so good that I just needed to document it. Honestly, that thought combined with the level of boredom I’ve been suffering through at work today led to the creation of JoSJ. So, here you go: everything you need to eat the next time you find yourself in New Hampshire. I’m always looking for new foods to try, so I thought I would make my own little section centered around foods I think others should try! My first recommendation is The Juicery in Durham, New Hampshire. My high school best friend goes to school at UNH, and while he and I were in the area, we decided to check out The Juicery’s new location near his school. He ordered a mango smoothie (which I drank half of…sorry, Drew), and I tried their acai bowl. I don’t normally order things like this, but my roommate is always telling me about how I have to try them. The hype she created about it was definitely justified – it was so good! I would love to try another flavor with more fruit next time. If you’re in the area, I definitely suggest checking out this place!

Though these two snacks were on the much healthier side, I would be cheating if I let you think I was some health nut – as much as I would absolutely love to be one. Our lunch yesterday was not exactly something I was excited about entering into my FitBit. But because we were on Hampton Beach, there was no way we could have resisted Cristy’s Pizza (located at the end of M Street, furthest from the boardwalk). I couldn’t tell you what it is about these particular thin, square slices that make them so addicting, but I can promise you that they’re worth it. I’ve never gone to Hampton without eating at least two (oops).

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