Five States, Four Tanks of Gas…


…three girls, (at least) two pounds of junk food, and one wicked fun weekend. My friends and I celebrated Memorial Day with a mini road trip to New Jersey. We left early on Saturday, and it took us about four hours to get there. I had never been to Jersey before, other than a short trip to Rutgers for a sorority e-board training day. Our friend, Lauren, just graduated and had a bunch of our friends over to help her celebrate. By the time we got there, it was ninety-five degrees and she was ninety-five percent done with her bottle of Fireball. It’s safe to say her graduation party was definitely worth the drive.

road trip

As if we hadn’t got enough sun from our Friday beach day or laying by the pool on Saturday, we decided to take a spontaneous trip to the Jersey Shore on Sunday. Bianca, Marissa, and I had never been to Seaside before, and Lauren couldn’t wait to show us around. We left for the beach at seven thirty in the morning, and none of us even thought about complaining. We got our real Jersey bagels and were on our way. I had never been to a beach with such a big boardwalk before, and I felt like a five year old again as I admired all of the trashy shops along the pier. Feeling the Seaside spirit, I immediately purchased a chocolate and M&M covered Rice Krispie treat (that took me roughly eight hours to finish) and a corn dog. I figured what better place to try these things? I wished that we could stay in Seaside all week. When we had finally decided that we had had enough of the Shore, we headed back to North Jersey to an authentic diner (something we don’t have in Massachusetts, so I was pretty excited). We must have sat at the table in that diner for hours after we’d finished dinner, talking about nothing at all but still managing to have tears streaming down our faces from laughter – I swear I laugh more with those three girls than anyone in the world.

Monday morning finally came, and our little vacation was over. We all felt like we had been away from home for weeks, because we accomplished so much in just four days. As we embarked on our final drive, we were all thankful that our trip had been so full. I can’t wait to road trip with them again soon! XO


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