Obsessed with Succulents

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I’ve always had a thing for interior design and redecorating, but I’ve never really had the time to put any of my ideas into motion. This summer, I’m only working a small amount, so I have a lot of extra time – and I’ve made my bedroom my new project! I have been buying things little by little for about a month, and I’m almost ready to put everything together to complete my new and improved sanctuary. Lately, I’ve had a strange obsession with cacti. I’ve noticed that a lot of stores have been producing cactus, palm, and leaf-printed accessories and clothes (side note: I am so in love with my new cactus shoes) and I definitely don’t hate it. So today, I decided that I needed a few succulent plants for my new room. This task wasn’t as easy as I’d imagined. I went to the local outdoor flower store, but they didn’t have anything close to what I was picturing. After about three more stores, I finally found the perfect little babies.

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I bought three for my room, two to keep on my nightstand (which is actually a plant holder that I’ve turned into a makeshift night stand), and one for my desk. I’ve always had such a strong love for flowers, but they’re so expensive and hard to maintain when there isn’t enough light. My new succulent plants are such a great alternative!

Stay tuned for more about my room redo! Thanks for reading, XO

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