You Celebrate Your Half Birthday?

me paddys.png

Hell yeah, I do! Because my birthday is so painfully close to Christmas, I always feel like it gets overshadowed. Not a lot of my friends are able to celebrate with me, and my family often lumps it together with other holiday gatherings. I’ve been cursed with the dreaded hyphenated ‘birthday-and-Christmas’ spell. Whenever I tell anyone when my birthday is, they always respond with no way, New Year’s Eve?! That’s awesome! Until I remind them that the whole point of New Year’s Eve is to wait for the new year to come at midnight (aka the end of my birthday). So, last December, I vowed that I would from now on celebrate my half-birthday just as I would celebrate my real birthday. Thankfully, my half-birthday conveniently fell on a weekend. My friend Corinne and I went to Watch Hill and spent the better part of the day on the beach. Because it was Fourth of July weekend also, it was wicked crowded. But, it was perfect weather for laying on the sand, so I have no complaints!

me beach

After we were done with the beach, we walked around the shops for a little while because neither of us had been in them before. We both bought cute little watermelon-print beach bags and freshwater pearl bracelets, which naturally we deemed our official friendship bracelets (despite the fact that they were pearls and not yarn, and we’re in our twenties rather than our tweens). In the last store we stopped in, I found the cutest beach tunic for only $45 – which I was very excited about because the only ones I’ve ever seen on the Cape were upwards of $110.

After we left Watch Hill, we headed over to Misquamicut for Paddy’s Beach Club. We were dying to drink some Bacardi out of a fish bowl, because what else is a better way to celebrate turning 21.5? We went at arguably the most crowded time possible, so naturally we migrated to VIP and convinced ourselves it was a good deal. Our waitress was the nicest (and maybe the most insane) girl I have ever met, which made the experience even better. I must have tipped her 50% just because she rocked.

bowl paddys.png

Overall, I had a great half-birthday! Because it’s clearly unreasonable to ask for any sort of present for a semi-made-up birthday, I chose to buy presents for myself (what’s a birthday without presents?). In addition to the pearl bracelet, I also treated myself to a massage and some new sneakers, and, of course, an ice cream cone in place of a birthday cake. Only six months until my next celebration!



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