Interview Tips: A Guide

Lately, a few people have come to me for advice about their upcoming job interviews. I don’t know what I did or said that inspired them to choose me to turn to for this, but I was honored! So, especially after my last post about putting yourself out there and having a go-getter attitude about applying for jobs, I’ve decided to share some of the interview tips I gave my friends! After all, if I’m gonna bitch about all the lazy people who don’t have jobs, I might as well also try to help the motivated people who are looking!

1. Ask questions!

I recently dedicated an entire blog post to the importance of asking questions, entitled Just Ask. In an interview, asking questions is imperative. It makes you seem interested, engaged, and eager to learn more about your possible new position. Some questions I’ve asked the person interviewing me were:

  • What is your favorite part about working here?
  • What is a typical day like in this position?
  • Is there room for growth within the company?
  • Are there opportunities to learn new skills while working in this position?

2. Don’t lie on your resume!

This may seem obvious to some, but I know a few people who are guilty of embellishing the facts about their education and work history. Did you forget that employers have the power to check these things? For example, don’t write that you have a 4.0 GPA on your resume when your actual GPA is a 2.0 – they can check these things. Also, make sure the information you include is detailed, and accurate, because oftentimes interviewers will ask you about the skills you’ve listed. Be prepared to talk about your responsibilities at previous jobs!

3. Dress the part!

One of my friends was recently debating what to wear to his interview and asked me for my opinion on the outfits he had chosen. This is simple: if you’re underdressed, you’ll look like you don’t care about the interview. If you’re feeling overdressed, first of all, you’re probably not (unless you’re wearing a prom dress or something). Dressing up for your interview shows that you’re committed, professional, and excited about the new opportunity! Side note: when you’re “overdressed,” in any situation people will just assume that you’re coming from or going somewhere better.

4. Learn about the company!

Even though interviewers don’t normally ask you anything about their company, it is always helpful to know things like where their other offices are located (if they have any), how many employees they have, the different things the company does, and so on.

5. Don’t act like you’re nervous!

I completely understand that this is way easier said than done, especially if you’re being interviewed for a position you really want. Even though you may be shaking on the inside, try not to bring attention to it. Avoid touching your face or your hair, attempt to sit up straight, and try not to fidget too much. I find myself doing these things even when I’m not nervous, and it’s a habit I’m trying to kick, too!

6. Don’t be stressed!

And don’t give up. You’re going to do GREAT. If you don’t get this job, you’ll get the next one. Everything happens for a reason, and if you aren’t given the opportunity you’re hoping for, that just means there’s a better one waiting for you.


If this post was something you’d like to see more of, let me know! Thanks for reading! XO


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