California, Here I Come!

If Drew and I never became friends almost eight years ago, let me tell you – I would probably be a few thousand dollars richer – but I also probably wouldn’t have had half of the experiences that I have had. Though he always finds a way to make me spend more money than I want to (mostly on food) I wouldn’t trade it for anything. He would throw up if he read that, but he would agree. Since I’ve known him, we’ve gone white water rafting in Maine, exploring in Montreal (even though we weren’t allowed to drive there… sorry, Dad), snowboarding in Vermont, helicopter soaring in Rhode Island, jet-skiing in Florida (half an hour before our flight home, I might add), cruising to Bermuda, touring the Supreme Court (only after him and I both booked our flights for the wrong month), and those few things only scratch the surface. Today, my next adventure with him is leading me to San Diego, California!Because I’ll brag about him to anyone that will listen to me, I obviously have to include my usual Drew speech in this blog post. After spending last semester studying abroad in Australia and exploring all sorts of other countries, he’s now interning with Hewlett-Packard for the summer on their 3D Printing team. Cool, right? I know. Like I said, I’ve told everyone about it. So, naturally, I have to go visit him! I strangely love flying by myself, and the only time I’ve ever been to California before was during an eleven-hour layover in between my flights on my way Australia when I was sixteen. Though we did get to leave LAX, I clearly didn’t see much during that short trip. Everyone I’ve told about my San Diego trip has either told me how amazing they’ve heard it was, or how much they loved it when they were there, so I can’t wait!

When I was on the Cape last week, I decided to use my GoPro for the first time in forever. I had all these cool videos that I wanted to turn into something, and I didn’t know how, but I figured it couldn’t be too hard – so I typed “video editor” into the App Store on my phone and downloaded the first one I saw. Turns out, it is so easy! I taught myself how to make my first video in less than ten minutes. Now, I’m wicked excited to make videos from this trip! (I’m actually so excited that I made a video just from the airport experience alone…already).

I’m planning on posting them all when I get home! Also, because of this vacation, my blog might not be updated until after I leave San Diego. So, have a good week & thank you for reading!!!



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