Still Having Trouble Saving?

Recently, I shared a post all about how to begin saving your money. So, now I’m going to share with you the best way to save money for school specifically.

Step One: get a small jar. Just a plain small jar. You can even label it “bar and social fund” like me (thanks, Big).

Step Two: put money in it.

Okay, that’s it!

Honestly, this old-school, simple, piggy-bank-style saving is still your best option to this day. Throw your extra change from the bottom of your purse in there. Stick a dollar in if you find one around the house. Or, take it one step further like I do, and put $20 of your paycheck in every other week. By the end of the summer, you’ll be loaded going back to school! When I save this way, I always forget about how much money is really in the jar. Since I drop it in a couple times a month, I’m never really thinking about it. I did this last summer, and ended up going back to school with a little over $300 in cash! This is such a helpful way to save, especially for school, because I’m always finding myself needing $5 in cash during the week for this and that. And, at least in my opinion, I never feel like I’m spending money when I’m spending cash… is that bad? Oh, well! If I’m not seeing my statement balance go down, I’m happy.

Another tip that helped me stay financially afloat during school when I wasn’t working part time was to pay for the things I needed either during the summer or in the beginning of the year. For example, my books, my parking pass, or my sorority dues. If I had waited to pay for any of these things, I would’ve run out of money! If you can do it, I recommend taking the plunge and – even though it can be painful – pay for it all at once.



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