So Into It: San Diego Edition

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La Jolla Cove, San Diego, California

So, as some of you OG followers might remember, I’ve been doing an off-and-on mini series called So Into It. Though I’ve developed an interest for blogging about advice, I still want to tell you guys a little bit about my interests, too! For this reason, I decided to make a San Diego version of this series!

Pacific Beach

This is the part of San Diego that Drew is living in for the summer. Before visiting for myself, I had no idea that there were so many parts of San Diego. I thought all of the places that I’d heard of (for example, La Jolla) were all separate towns. But now that I’m a seasoned Californian, aka a tourist who has been here for five days, I’m able to somewhat tell the sections of San Diego apart. From what I’ve seen, Pacific Beach has been my favorite part. On almost every street, there’s a little book library built on a tree (just like it sounds – a little box filled with books that reads take one, leave one on the outside), so naturally I’m obsessed with it. Everything feels within walking distance, and there are so many places to eat, shop, and drink that it’s overwhelming.


The first book I chose from that little book library was Tyler Oakley’s Binge. I had definitely heard of him before, but I didn’t know much about him or what he did. The description on the back of the book said that it was a collection of essays detailing the stories of his life, so I figured that it would be a perfect book to borrow. I learned that Tyler became famous through his YouTube channel, and was instantly intrigued. I finished the book in about a day and a half, and laughed hysterically through basically the whole thing – so much so that I felt people looking at me with concern at the beach. After finishing the book, I was eager to watch his videos, and then inspired to watch videos of other YouTubers that I had heard about, like Brooke Miccio and Tasha. If you’re looking for a YouTube channel to check out yourself, click on the up & coming Taylor! She just started her channel this week after wanting to make her own for years now, and she inspired me to share this blog with more people, so I would love for you guys to give her some more views! She’s so nice and genuine, you’ll love her.


San Diego – Blink 182

I’ve always been obsessed with Blink (and every other band that fits the ‘middle school music’ genre, maybe I’ll post about that playlist one of these days) but for my trip to California, their newest album California was obviously necessary to save to my Spotify. Naturally, my favorite song on the album is San Diego (listen here) not only because its catchy but because, duh, its cool to be listening to a song about the place you’re currently visiting. I can’t wait to see them in concert in September!


Last summer, my parents bought a boat. The first time I jumped off of it, I thought to myself wow, this would be the sickest picture, if only I had a GoPro. I was never able to justify purchasing it because the one I wanted (the Hero 4 Silver) was so expensive, and I thought that it would only make sense to buy one if I was studying abroad or going on some extravagant trip. But, one day, as I was driving to an appointment, I realized I was a little early and the devil inside me said, oh look, Best Buy! Might as well go buy a GoPro… and I gave in. I’ve used it off and on since then, sometimes forgetting I have it (oops) and sometimes being really obsessed with it. I’m currently going through one of those obsessed with it phases. When Jayme came to visit me on the Cape, she gave me the idea of making my own little video with small GoPro clips. I had never attempted to make a video before, because I assumed it would be wicked hard. Turns out, all I had to do was search “video editor” in the App Store and I found the easiest way to make videos: Splice! I absolutely love doing it, I’ve made so many already. You can check them out by following me on Instagram! But if you’re too stingy with your follows to make that commitment just yet, here’s a sneak peak:


Thanks for reading about this week’s latest obsessions! Keep checking my blog for more So Into It posts! XO

[ side note: to view the YouTubers I linked, just click on their names! ]





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