Bye, California!


As you may have read in my previous post, I’m writing this while on my flight home from California. Sad! I had so much fun on this trip. Before this, I had only been to California once, and it was for less than a day. Before experiencing it myself, I would ignore all of the people who “swore they were going to move there.” Honestly, I used to take offense to all of the New Englanders who said that, because I love living here and hate when people put down things that I like. But now, I have a whole new attitude. I’m turning into one of those people who says they’re relocating (but if I ever did, it could only be for a year or two, because I’ll be a Masshole forever and always).

Whenever I travel somewhere new, I always look for Instagram accounts (like foodies) or blog posts about where I’m going, because they feel more authentic than Googling something like “things to do in San Diego.” So, in hopes that I’ll help someone looking to visit the area, here are a few things I loved while visiting! 


California really understands the importance of breakfast. I was lucky enough to visit San Diego with someone who likes to go out for breakfast as much as I do, and we tried three unbelievably good breakfast places. The Great Maple, Breakfast Republic, and Snooze. If you’re in the area, these are a must.

La Jolla Cove

This was one of my favorite parts of San Diego. If I ever go back, this would be the first place I return to (partly because I didn’t get to go in any of the stores). I had been used to seeing seals pretty close because of all the time I spend on the Cape, but I had never seen them out of the water until I visited La Jolla Cove. They literally sit on the rocks right along the beach, and you can pet them if you want to! When I went, they were all sleeping, so I was too nervous to touch them. Although, one little baby seal did waddle over to me, leaving only about a foot in between us. Going at sunset was absolutely beautiful.


Torrey Pines

Drew has a habit of making me do some serious activities when we’re in a time crunch. A few years ago, we went to Hollywood, Florida over spring break. On our last day, driving home from Miami, he pulled into a harbor that rented out jet skis. He seemed to believe that this wasn’t a problem, even though our flight was scheduled to leave in three hours. Because arguments with him don’t usually end well, I obliged, got my Florida boating license, and went jet skiing for an hour. Once we were finished, I was relieved to be out of the water and on our way home to get our suitcases and head to the airport. We were seriously pressed for time, now. So naturally, Drew insists we go out to dinner. Despite my absolutely not!s and no way!s, I found myself sitting down ordering tacos. We got to the airport twenty minutes before our flight, but we made it home. Today was no different. I wanted to be at the airport by 8:15, and of course Drew wanted to go on a scenic hike starting at sunset. Even though I was stressed about time (what else is new?), I would be lying if I said I didn’t love Torrey Pines. It was absolutely beautiful, and I wish I could’ve stayed longer to see more of it. To see what part of the hike looks like, check out my video!


Del Mar Horse Racetrack

This was something that I had always wanted to do. The closest track that I can think of to my house would probably be in Saratoga, New York, aka not close at all. I love any excuse to dress up, so this was perfect for me. I bought my dress (pictured below) in Greece last summer and had been waiting for an occasion to wear it, and I decided it was finally time. Not only did I get to check going to a horse race off of my bucket list, but I also got to eat some seriously good food truck festival food. Read more about that here.


Fashion Valley

Even though its a regular Simon mall with most of the stores you would usually find at home, its still fun to poke through an outdoor mall. If you’re like me and would prefer not to shop at a chain store (a store you can shop at while you’re at home) on vacation, there are still plenty of other stores in Fashion Valley that you probably haven’t seen before. Also, keep in mind that chains in different areas have different items in their stores, because the types of things people in California wear, for example, are different than the types of things people from Massachusetts might wear.

Garnet Ave in Pacific Beach

If you’re staying in PB, this is likely the area you’ll be in. This is the one street where you can find everything you need: both quick and sit-down restaurants, coffee shops, tattoo parlors, local stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, bars, ice cream shops, surf shops, and more. From where Drew is living, this street was a quick walk.

Coronado Island

Everything in San Diego is a twenty minute drive away from each other. I don’t understand how this works, but at literally any point of the city, your next destination seems to be twenty minutes away. One of my favorite twenty-minute destinations was Coronado. Once you’re over the bridge, the town feels a little more like Newport, Rhode Island than San Diego, California. It’s a cute little town with very nice homes and a beautiful beach. There’s a gorgeous view of San Diego’s downtown from the other side of the Coronado bridge also!

Cookie Sandwiches

As I’m sure most of you know by now, I’m obsessed with ice cream. And the only dessert I may love just as much is homemade cookies. In Pacific Beach, it seems almost every ice cream place offered a cookie sandwich as an option. And these weren’t your average cookie sandwiches, either, with just the plain chocolate chip cookie and vanilla ice cream. Nope, these stores had tons of different homemade cookies and at least ten ice cream flavors to choose from. If you couldn’t tell from my previous post, California is ahead of everywhere I’ve ever been when it comes to the food game.

Thank you so much for reading about the things I loved in San Diego! Here’s a little video of some of the highlights of my vacation:


If this is something you guys would like to read more of, I would love to start doing this with all of the places I visit, let me know! XO


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