Dear Diary…

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I feel like this phrase might need a little bit of an explanation… considering it’s the name of the folder I archive all of my blog posts in, my immediate response to most peoples’ complaints, and the saying I’m known for within my sorority.

So, here goes.

It all began when I was elected as the Vice President Panhellenic for Delta Gamma last December. In this position, one of my responsibilities is to make sure our chapter earns all of our community service hours for the semester. This means that I am in charge of assigning which sisters go to which events. In order to make this easier, the chapter is split up into three teams: pink, bronze, and blue. Each team attends an equal amount of events, no one team ever attending more than another. However, the girls on the bronze team feel differently. Even though they go to just as many events as everyone else, they swear that this is untrue. So, they began to complain (cough, cough, Brittany). Complaining is not something I am interested in hearing whatsoever, because I don’t believe it helps any situation. What’s the point of bitching about something you can’t change? You definitely can’t change which events the bronze team goes to, because I’m in charge and I’m evil.

On one particularly moody day of mine, I was fifty shades of done listening to the bronze team’s complaints. As I was delivering my business in our chapter meeting, I spoke the legendary words for the first time. My speech went a little something like this:

GET. A. DIARY. I don’t care if you think you have to go to more events than the pink or the blue teams, you don’t. So next time you feel like complaining, write about it in your diary. I will provide them for you if necessary.

Now, normally, my sorority is absolutely full of sunshine and happiness and flowers and laughter and sisterhood and bundles of joy, but that day the bronze team basically caused me to crack. Although this was one of my bitchier moments, I stand by everything I said. After all, it did start a movement.

Recently, a new Facebook trend began: “what’s a typical Sara line? comment below!”

Guess what the first comment was (posted roughly 12 seconds after the status itself was).

Yep, you guessed it! Get a diary.

I like to think of this phrase of mine as more of a piece of advice rather than the result of a slightly bitchy attitude. Every single girl in DG just rolled their eyes reading that. Come on guys, think about it. I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to hear people complaining! No one does. Now, I’m not saying that the bronze team lives their lives complaining twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. They obviously don’t. Except Brittany. But she only complains about being hungry and having homework (which I normally do for her). Anyways, back to the point. The bronze team consists of some of my best friends in the world, and I love them to death. In order to make my point, though, I had to use them as the villains in my story.

If people put as much time and effort into making the best of their situation as they did bitching and moaning about it, they would be so much happier! For example, I’m currently sitting on a redeye flight to JFK from San Diego, in an aisle seat, on one of the worst airlines to ever fly. When I found myself thinking only negative thoughts about my current situation, I immediately changed my attitude. Some of you may remember my mom’s advice to me that I recently shared in this post: its up to you whether or not you want to have a good attitude. So, I choose to have a good one! I sat up, took out my laptop, and started to blog to keep my mind off of the miserable flight I’m on – and, guess what, its working! I chose not to complain, because I literally couldn’t do anything to change my situation if I wanted to – I’m thousands of feet in the air over Kansas or something.

Moral of the story: don’t complain. Decide to have a better day. Decide to make the most out of your situation. Decide to have a wicked fun time at that philanthropy event (@bronze team). Although you may not feel like it, people notice when you’re being negative. By moping, or complaining, or even frowning, you’re bringing the people around you down with you. What if they were having a great time, until they looked over and saw you and your “over it, too cool for it” attitude? That might discourage them, and make them feel awkward about enjoying themselves. I know this has happened to me at least a few times. I hope that next time you notice yourself being negative, that you’ll turn your frown upside down and choose to have a better attitude!

But if you’re content with being a whiny grouch, linked below are a few diaries I recommend. You’re welcome!

Kate Spade “If I do Say So Myself” journal “I am very busy” notebook (I have this in phone case version)

Urban Outfitters marble journal (I got this one for Christmas this past year)

DISCLAIMER: I’m obsessed with the Eta Beta chapter of Delta Gamma and every member of it, and the negative words I wrote about the bronze team are all in good fun. Our chapter meetings are actually funny, and I love reciting my business, because I’m always the one that takes the longest and everyone looks forward to when I talk!!! (And when I say “looks forward” I mean dreads, but whatever, I’m being positive). Spoiler alert, DG: 100% attendance until we reach fifteen hours this semester! YAY! If any of you are upset about that, or about what I wrote in this post, you can probably guess what my response will be. Love & ITB!

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