Screw The Sunday Scaries


This past weekend,  Marissa and I drove up to Maine to see Lauren, who is staying there with her family for the week. She had only been there once before, and told me she was staying in York Beach. Perfect, I thought to myself, that’s only an hour and a half from my house! So, she sends me her address, I type it into my navigation system, and it tells me I have (at least) a four hour drive ahead of me. Oh. Don’t worry, Lauren, you were still worth it! We had so much fun in Maine – and this town was absolutely beautiful. I never really get to go because my family always chooses Cape Cod instead, so I was happy to see more of it! However, I hadn’t initially been planning on spending my Sunday night driving home in bumper to bumper traffic… so, I’m a little more tired than I am on the average Monday. But, you can probably guess by now what I’m going to do: choose to have a good day anyway! I hope you do too!









Thanks for reading! Check back next Monday for more! XO



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