Let’s Be Friends When We’re Sixty


Every semester, my sorority sets a few hours aside to go over chapter business and spend time together. At this meeting, we go over things like how we can improve our sisterhood and our goals for the semester. One of my favorite things that we do is ‘shout out’ a sister and tell them why we appreciate them. One of my pledge sisters who I unfortunately don’t get to see very often shouted me out and told me that she looks up to me because I am unapologetically myself. This made me so happy, because it not only showed me that she’s a loyal reader of my blog, but it also reminded me how genuine our friendship was even though she isn’t someone that I see everyday. It is so easy to forget some of the most important relationships we have simply because they aren’t a part of our daily routine. 

While she was talking, I was thinking to myself how good of a friend she is to me, especially because she thought of me when I’m not someone she normally sees. Being a part of an organization like this gives you more friendships than you can count, but it can become hard to keep up with them all. People tend to stick with their roommates, and things can get cliquey. It’s natural to want to spend time with the people you’re most comfortable with, but don’t forget about the friends that who are still there for you even though you don’t hang out with them enough.

With graduation around the corner for me, I’ve been thinking about how the distance is going to affect my friendships. If we can’t make time to see each other while we’re still in school, how are we going to be able to stay close when there are hundreds of miles between us? I’ve already started to notice distance affecting friendships I had with people who graduated last year, and I can’t stand for that to continue happening. It’s important to me (and I’m sure to all of you) to maintain the friendships that have gotten me through the last three years of school.

Whenever I would stop being friends with someone in either middle school or high school, my dad would always get so upset with me for ending that friendship (even though, of course, sometimes it was for a very good reason). He always lectured me about how important keeping people in your life is – he’s had the same friends since he was in elementary school, even though some of them live literally across the entire country. His best friend came to visit last week, and I asked my dad how long it had been since he had seen him. He told me they hadn’t been together in over ten years, and I couldn’t even believe it because of how often they talked and how close they are. I want to be able to say the same thing when I’m sixty years old.

Another activity we did during our meeting today was writing a letter to ourselves outlining our Delta Gamma goals for this semester to open at our next chapter retreat. Because I’m so old (well, in sorority years at least), I didn’t really have any Delta Gamma-related goals, so I wrote that I hoped I would leave a positive legacy for my chapter and be able to continue maintaining all of the friendships that I’ve made since I was initiated what feels like a hundred years ago.

So, to the friends I don’t get to see everyday – you’re just as important as the girls I live with, and I love you just as much. X to the O.



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