Don’t Be A Quitter

This post begins with a big fat womp. Throughout the past few weeks, a lot of things were happening in my life that I did not originally view as positive changes, and I had not been feeling motivated to reach any of the goals that I’d set for myself. I was questioning all of the decisions I had made about my education and career so far. I was even considering ending my paralegal studies program and dropping one of my majors, because I was stressing out about the thought of it consuming my life for the next few months. I called my parents to tell them that I was thinking about changing some things about my education, ready to support my decision with a million reasons why it was the right one. Before I even got the chance, their advice stopped me in my tracks.

I had been talking on the phone with my mom, and apparently my dad had been eavesdropping, because she quickly explained that he had some opinions to offer and handed the phone to him while I was still mid-sentence. He said to me, there were things that I had been pursuing when I was your age that I decided to stop doing, and I regret those decisions everyday because I know it would have enhanced my life if I had kept going. When he was done reliving his past, he left me with some words that I am still thinking about. He reminded me that this program was something (which is only going to take me a few months to complete, even though it feels like a lifetime right now) that is is going to set me apart from and add a bonus to my resume that will open doors I may not have been able to have access to if I didn’t go through with it. At first, I responded that I didn’t think I wanted to be a paralegal anymore with the circumstances that changed in my life, especially if I would only be working as one for a year before law school. My mom then reminded me that I am not one to start things without finishing them. That was enough to help me remember the reason I started this in the first place, and I immediately registered for the next 1o-week term of my program.

Not many people are able to complete three majors in four years in addition to a separate nineteen-credit program on Saturdays – and this is what sets me apart. It took me a little while to regroup and come back to the one thing that had been motivating me to take on so much since the beginning of my educational career, but with these recent life changes I have only gained more drive to reach my goals. Even though I have struggled with time management and stress throughout the process, I have decided that I want to be someone who stands out when people read my resume, rather than simply another typical, boring piece of paper that law school admissions officers receive everyday. I know that I am going to have to work extremely hard – maybe even harder than I thought – to get to where I want to be, but I’m not a quitter.

Even though I thought about being one.

I wanted to write about this in an effort to motivate my readers to keep doing whatever it is that will help them reach their ultimate goals. Even if you’re feeling down, and life seems to be stacked against you (like I have been feeling lately), the motivation you need is still out there. Maybe you’ll find it while making a desperate phone call to your parents after having a mental breakdown about your capstone literature review. Maybe you’ll find it looking at motivational quotes on Pinterest. Who knows, but I’m telling you, it’s out there. Find the one thing that is going to make you stand out, and work towards that goal.

A bad week doesn’t mean a bad life. That is the one thing I need to keep reminding myself, and the one thing that is helping me keep my faith. And yes, when one door closes, another one opens, but nobody gives a shit about that phrase when their life is crumbling around them. That being said, take your time to be upset about whatever dark cloud is currently dangling over your head – then remember that all storms pass, and this one will be no different.


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