Studying For Finals: A Guide


It’s that time of year again. Thankfully, I only have one final in class this year, but I’ve been completely swamped in terms of final projects and papers. After three and a half years of college, its safe to say that I feel qualified enough to share a few of my study tips with you!

To-Do Lists

I will recommend this until I’m blue in the face. To-do lists are my life. I make lists about the lists I want to make. For me, it is extremely helpful to see everything that I have to do all in one place. I personally like to put them either in order of their due dates or in order of their difficulty.

Study Music

This is something that I just got into this semester. I’ve been going to the library a lot recently with my friends, and I find it extremely hard to concentrate if I’m with them (Kevin, if you’re reading this, I’m talking about you). I always thought that music would be distracting to me while working, but I’ve found that if the music doesn’t have words, it doesn’t distract me from what I’m writing. Finding this study music is extremely easy – all I did was search “study” on Spotify and shuffle it.

Isolating Yourself

As I said before, going to the library with your friends can be extremely distracting. It is so tempting to talk to them while you’re working, and then an hour goes by and you’ve only written one paragraph. Even though some people may feel that studying with other people allows them to stay productive, I talk way too much for that to be my experience. I find it so beneficial to work on my own in an isolated environment. Oftentimes, I will opt to study in a place that I know I won’t see any of my friends in an effort to not be distracted by conversing with them.

Procrastinating With Other Assignments

Procrastinating is so easy to do. When I’m getting sick of something that I’m working on, I usually take a five minute break and then go back to it, but sometimes that little break simply isn’t enough for me to get my head into my work again. During this time of year, especially this semester for some reason, I feel like I have a million things due at the same time. When I feel like procrastinating, instead of completely stopping and doing something unproductive, I move on to another assignment. Procrastinating homework with other homework isn’t so bad, and it allows you to spend your time feeling like you’re doing something else (to satisfy the need to procrastinate), while still getting work done.

Pick Your Best Work Time

Sometimes when I’m working on something at night, nothing in the world can help me concentrate. I’m burnt out from whatever I did that day, and my work is suffering because of it. I find myself working on my assignment for ten minutes, then shutting the laptop because I simply can’t concentrate anymore. For me, the time that I feel most motivated to get things done is early in the morning. If I wake up early to do homework, I get so much more accomplished than if I save all of my work until the afternoon or night. The best study advice I can give you is to figure out which time of day that you have the most motivation to get your work done, and stick to it. No one has the brain capacity or attention span to spend all day doing work, no matter how hard they may try, so choosing one time of day to try and get a lot of things done is the best way to keep your sanity and make time for a little relaxation.

I hope you found these tips helpful! For more of my guides, click here! Happy studying! XO




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