They Will Judge You

Not all of you are going to like this one. I’m gonna guess that most of you won’t. And honestly, that’s my point. A lot of people will read this and immediately dismiss it. They’ll define me as ‘one of those.’ Great, please do! I am ‘one of those’, and I have absolutely no problem with it. Have I piqued your curiosity yet? 

Today, we’re talking about being crazy Christians. Yep, you read that right. I’m a craaaazy Christian! One of those – get ready – believers! believe in that dude up there! And since there’s no mountaintop near me to scream it from, I’m using my website to tell you that this crazy Christian loves that dude! And – this is even crazier – I genuinely believe he loves me back! I know, I’m insane. Alert the media. Crazy Christian chick on the loose over here.

Disclaimer time! Now, I do not claim to be the best Christian in the world. I don’t even claim to be a moderately good one. But I’m working on it, okay? And, actually, that is a very important misconception about this religion. You don’t have to be perfect. God literally prefers people who are damaged and in need of saving. I have considered writing about this topic for a while now, but I never felt that I was in the ‘right place’ to say anything, or that I ‘knew enough’ to comment on the subject, or that I was completely ‘right with God,’ and then I thought to myself, well, they’re gonna judge me anyway, so I might as well.

Recently, I have grown significantly in my faith. I have always been a somewhat religious person; going to church on a good amount of Sundays, participating in youth group as a kid, getting confirmed in high school, listening to the occasional Jesus jam. But it wasn’t until a few months ago that I truly started to become what you may call a ‘crazy Christian.’ Even though that is a stereotype that typically has a negative connotation, I honestly don’t care. In my opinion, if someone wants to define me as that, it simply means I am on the right path. I’m so open and honest about my faith that other people can see it, and that’s a good thing. So yeah, your girl’s a crazy Christian. Or trying to be.

I say “trying to be” because I’m not quite there yet. Last week, I went to church with my friend Courtney for the first time to see a guest speaker. And let me tell you, that girl is a great Christian. I literally want to be her. Courtney and I have been friends since ninth grade, but we don’t get to see each other very often. She started going to a new church a while ago, and I had been telling her I wanted to go with her forever. Finally, after months and months of me being “too busy” to go, I made it. And I freaking loved it. (Side note: if you’re one of the people who is afraid of us Jesus lovers, and you haven’t stopped reading yet, you probably will now). People were clapping and shouting and singing and crying and kneeling and raising their hands up to Heaven and it was the best thing ever. I was there for almost four hours. And get this (another message to the nonbelievers: this part will really freak you out); I saw people get healed right in front of my eyes. People with blurry vision saw clearly. A woman with a cane literally handed it to the Evangelist and walked away. Another woman took off the sling on her wrist and bent her arm with no pain. Yep, you read that right. All of this happened as I literally watched.

Anyways, I digress.

During this service, before all of the healing went down, the guest speaker said something that stuck out to me. He used the word “Christianette” to describe people who identify as Christians but don’t fully embrace their religion. And as soon as he said that, I thought crap, he’s talking about me. I’m a freaking Christianette. I’m fake. I gotta fix this.

So, that’s what I’m doing. I’m going from Christianette to Crazy Christian, and people are going to judge me. People are going to judge me SO hard. And you know what? I. Don’t. Care. Not a single ounce of me cares.

Let’s back up a second here. What the people in my life probably don’t know about me is that I actually have been a serious worshiper for a long time, I just haven’t talked about it that much. Some people might have just read that sentence and thought “lol Sara you write blog posts about faith and talk about Jesus all the time.” And, you’re right, I do – but having faith is actually a vague topic (by that, I mean that if you are not a Christian, you can still be inspired by the idea of letting your worries go and waiting for whatever is supposed to happen for you to come your way). By worship I’m talking legit worship. Like I pray. Out loud. By myself. Sometimes even my hands up if I’m feeling it. I am allll about the Jesus jams. (I’m listening right now, actually – search “Sara Joelle” on Spotify if you’re tryna praise with me). I read the Bible. I watch church services online (here if you’re interested). And I still need and want to do much more. 

What I didn’t know when I was still a baby Christianette was that people actually judge people for being Christians. I know, I know, that may be the most naive thing I have ever written. But I swear that I honestly did not know. Ever since I have grown in my faith and become more open talking about my beliefs, I have encountered people who have called me stupid, dumb, delusional, straight up wrong, and so on – you name it, it’s been said to me. That’s fine. I’ll pray for you guys.

I used to be able to compartmentalize my religion and think that it was fine. If people didn’t agree with me, I used to say “okay, let’s just not talk about it,” and move on. Recently, though, I haven’t been able to hide my feelings about Jesus Christ, the Bible, or prayer.

For example, a few weeks ago, my phone broke out of nowhere. I had no cell service, and it was turning off and on uncontrollably. I had to work a twelve hour shift at The Big E later on (long story, we’ll save that one for later), so I had to get my phone fixed pretty fast. I only had about an hour to get it done. So, before I walked into the Apple Store, my friend Marissa and I stopped short, and I prayed for a quick trip and a free new phone. What did I get? Exactly that. It was honestly amazing. If you’re one of those like me, you can just feel when your prayers are answered, and this one had God’s name all over it.

When I got my new phone half an hour later, I was texting a boy who thinks I’m stupid for being a Christian. I told him I got a brand new free phone, and he asked how the heck I was able to do that. My response was “you’re not gonna like the answer.” He proceeded to ask me if I used to hook up with the Apple Store specialist. When I told him the real answer – that my prayers were answered – he literally would have preferred the former. Normally, he’s someone I wouldn’t write about on my website (because he would probably retaliate/call me out or something) but I highly doubt he made it past the second paragraph because he falls under the “they” I’m referring to in my title – lol! In all seriousness, though, that was just one example. There are a lot of people that I am very good friends with who dismiss me and my religious beliefs all the time, sometimes to the point that I genuinely question our friendship.

Long story short, I have been receiving a lot of negative responses to my decision to be more open about my religion. And my response to that is: go ahead. Judge me. Please! It’ll only force me to be stronger in my faith and rise above all of the negativity and judgments I encounter and realize what is truly important to me. For every person that treats me poorly, I am able to inspire and encourage someone else. Many people admire me for my faith, and I’m not even an actual crazy Christian yet.

If you are a Christian, and you are worried that people will make fun of you for wanting to display, promote, and talk about prayer, Jesus, the Bible, what have you – they will. I’m not gonna lie to you. You will run into people that do not understand you or your beliefs, and that’s okay. I’ll leave you with my favorite piece of advice: you are entirely up to you. You don’t answer to anyone but yourself (and our homie Jesus of course).

Let this be my official announcement that I am a Christian and I will be talking about Christianity on this website – but by no means am I saying that I have all the answers, know everything there is to know about Christianity, or anything of the sort. It won’t be the only thing I write about from now on, but it will be present. As always, thank you for reading!







6 thoughts on “They Will Judge You

  1. If it makes you happy, follow it. Just because someone believes in a higher power doesn’t make them crazy. It makes them honest and true. People have no right to be mad about the choices you’re making with your life. It affects them, how? Maybe if you’re pushing it onto them, but you’re not. You’re expressing your love for your interests – something people do every. single. day. Speak your mind, Sara! You’re doing great.


  2. Sara, I am glad I came across your blog. Your passion for God is a breath of fresh air. What we have is more than a religion. We have relationship!
    We are in a relationship with a loving, passionate God who thinks about us all the time and sent His son to die for us, has given us His Holy Spirit….I could go on and on.
    Keep shouting out His name on the rooftops and every other place you are in.
    Bless you



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