Keeping Your Resolutions: A Guide


As the beginning of the year is winding down, so is the majority of the population’s desire to continue following New Year’s resolutions. Well, I refuse to fall into that category! I have some big goals for this year, and in order to achieve them, I’m going to have to stay motivated long past January! In this post, I’m going to be telling you how I plan on keeping up with my goals for the remainder of 2018.

The best way to refrain from neglecting your resolutions is to keep them in a place where you won’t lose them. I not only have mine published here, but also have them written on a virtual sticky note on my laptop and an actual sticky note in the front of my planner. By having them so easily accessible, it’ll be impossible for me to forget what I resolved to do this year.

Having a lot of things to you are determined to achieve can be overwhelming, so I break mine up into sections. Each month, I write down the three main tasks I want to accomplish. In order to ensure there’s no way to skip them/find your way around them, make sure you are keeping them specific. I leave these goals on January’s calendar page of my planner, so I see them every time I open it. For January, I wrote:

  • Pass my MTELs
  • Drink more water
  • Read three books

Next, I do the same thing with my weekly goals. I make my weekly goals even more specific than my monthly ones, and I write down more than three. For example, one week’s goals this month looked like this:

  • Go to the gym every single week day
  • Go to church on Sunday
  • Complete my Five Minute journal every morning & night
  • Complete my Q&A journal every night
  • Do one creative thing each day
  • Study for MTELs for at least 30 minutes each day
  • Take make-up off before turning bedroom lights off

There are two very important parts to staying motivated to keep your resolutions.

  1. WHY: Ask yourself why you even resolved to do these things in the first place. You’re not going to want to spend your time and effort keeping a resolution that you don’t really care about.
  2. HOW: Think of a fool-proof way to ensure that you will be able to/remember to do what you said you were going to do.


In years past, I feel like I always made a million resolutions simply because I felt like I had to have a long list. This year, I tried to keep my resolutions to things that I could come up with actual reasons for WHY I wanted to strive to reach them. I can give you a reason ‘WHY’ for every weekly goal I just listed. Ready?

  • Go to the gym every single week day
    • WHY: to ensure I reach my overall 2018 goal of having no fat rolls on the beach (lol)!
  • Go to church on Sunday
    • WHY: to continue my relationship with the Lord, and obv sing my little heart out to my favorite Jesus jams. Yeah I just wrote that. And I meant it. I’m lame ok moving on
  • Complete Five Minute journal every morning & night
    • WHY: to be more grateful.
  • Complete Q&A journal every night
    • WHY: to remember what the heck I even do with my life each day.
  • Do one creative thing each day
    • WHY: so I don’t feel like a blob who just lives life going through the motions in black and white. Comment below if u feel me.
  • Study for MTELs for at least 30 minutes each day
    • WHY: this one’s obvious… to pass the test!
  • Take make-up off before turning bedroom lights off
    • WHY: so I don’t get zits. No one wants to look at a 23-year-old with zits. Or anyone with zits. But if you have zits, it’s okay. You’re still pretty. Use this to get rid of them tho.


No goal can ever be achieved without a plan. I won’t go into detail about my plan for every single goal I have, but I’ll share an example.

One of my main goals this year is to go to the gym every single week day. Your girl is determined to show off the new hip tattoo without any insecurities. I tried this out for a few months in 2017, so I know it’s an attainable goal for me. It’s simply a matter of dragging myself there. There are three ways I make sure I never skip the gym:

  1. Going with a friend. My BIGGEST pet peeve in the world is being ditched (@everyone who has ever ditched me… I’m mad at u), so I would never do it to someone else. Not only will having plans with someone else motivate me to go, but it’ll also motivate me to do my best while at the gym, because it is likely the person I’m going with is as dedicated as I am.
  2. Telling someone about my plan. In my case, I told every single person who reads my website, sooo that’s one way to hold myself accountable! In my everyday life, though, I tell whoever I’m texting that I’m planning on going, and thankfully the people in my life are invested enough to call me out if they notice that I haven’t gone yet.
  3. Keeping track. For every day that I complete, I draw a star on my calendar. For every day I miss (I will admit – I have missed one day so far. But I promise, it was for a good cause. Anyone who knows me knows NOTHING takes precedent over a Celtics game for me. And they were playing the Cavs for the first time at home since IT was traded. My skip was excused), I draw an open circle. This is how I hold myself accountable in my own private life.


I hope these suggestions about how to stay motivated to keep your New Years’ resolutions have been useful! If you have any suggestions of your own, let me know in the comments! XO




5 thoughts on “Keeping Your Resolutions: A Guide

  1. You are crazy driven….(in a good way) 😁

    I am so inspired to take my goals more seriously and what I mean by that is by being more deliberate in planning and executing them.

    What are some of the creative things you everyday?

    This was helpful….



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