“You’re Too Much”

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to talk. I can talk for hours about anything, to anyone. During recruitment, my sorority sisters would always volunteer me to do all the talking because “I could talk to a tree all day if I had to.” While browsing in the bookstore a few days ago, I ended up talking to a random police officer that I met for an hour and a half. This type of thing happens to me almost every time I go anywhere by myself. I simply have a lot to say. In fact, sometimes I have so much to say that my mouth can’t keep up with my brain and my words come out in a language that I’ve never heard before. Continue reading ““You’re Too Much””


Be All There


I’m sure that everyone who reads this can remember at least one time in their life that someone has told them to pay attention to a task at hand. This person was probably a teacher or a parent reminding you to get off your phone, and this probably annoyed you, and you probably went right back to your social media within a few minutes. Well, you’re not alone – I’ve absolutely done this a million times. Until now. Continue reading “Be All There”

Why I Started to Choose Myself


Throughout the last few years of college, I thought that I was satisfied with how my life was going. I loved being involved with my sorority, I was doing extremely well in school (shocking people every time I told them about my three majors), I had an impressive internship at the courthouse, I landed an awesome job (that I actually liked) at a corporate law firm, and I was dating a boy that made me happy. Then, as I felt senior year approaching, I started to feel differently.  Continue reading “Why I Started to Choose Myself”

Credit Cards: A Guide

Because a couple people reached out to me and told me that my other posts about saving and financial literacy were helpful to them, I’ve decided to write another for ya! As a college student, I’m around a lot of talk about finance. Whether it’s someone complaining about how they only have $3 to their name or someone opening a tab at the bar with their parents’ credit card, it’s always around. Unfortunately, I was never given a credit card from my parents (but Dad, if you’re reading this, feel free to issue me one whenever you please!). So, I applied for my own as soon as I turned eighteen. Thankfully, I was well informed about the nature and dangers of credit cards from a young age because of my experience working at a credit union, the finance classes I took in high school, and competing in banking competitions (yeah, you better believe I was that nerdy). Continue reading “Credit Cards: A Guide”

Bye, California!


As you may have read in my previous post, I’m writing this while on my flight home from California. Sad! I had so much fun on this trip. Before this, I had only been to California once, and it was for less than a day. Before experiencing it myself, I would ignore all of the people who “swore they were going to move there.” Honestly, I used to take offense to all of the New Englanders who said that, because I love living here and hate when people put down things that I like. But now, I have a whole new attitude. I’m turning into one of those people who says they’re relocating (but if I ever did, it could only be for a year or two, because I’ll be a Masshole forever and always).

Whenever I travel somewhere new, I always look for Instagram accounts (like foodies) or blog posts about where I’m going, because they feel more authentic than Googling something like “things to do in San Diego.” So, in hopes that I’ll help someone looking to visit the area, here are a few things I loved while visiting!  Continue reading “Bye, California!”

Dear Diary…

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.35.24 AM.png

I feel like this phrase might need a little bit of an explanation… considering it’s the name of the folder I archive all of my blog posts in, my immediate response to most peoples’ complaints, and the saying I’m known for within my sorority.

So, here goes. Continue reading “Dear Diary…”

So Into It: San Diego Edition

DSC_0630 (1).jpg
La Jolla Cove, San Diego, California

So, as some of you OG followers might remember, I’ve been doing an off-and-on mini series called So Into It. Though I’ve developed an interest for blogging about advice, I still want to tell you guys a little bit about my interests, too! For this reason, I decided to make a San Diego version of this series! Continue reading “So Into It: San Diego Edition”

Eating Our Way Through Cali


Today marks my fourth day in California (yay!) and we’ve already done so much. Before I tell you all about everything I’ve done here, let me first explain a little bit about my relationship with Drew. We’ve been friends since ninth grade, ever since he stalked me on Flickr and used one of my photos for his Art final (he got an A, but I don’t think he’s ever thanked me). We discovered that we both enjoyed the same pastimes: going to new places, making fun of strangers (sorry), and eating. Truly, we were meant to meet and grow fatter together. So now, almost eight years later, we have spent most of our friendship eating our way through all of the places we’ve gone. A few summers ago, we counted how many restaurants we had been to together. After hours, we finally reached a total of somewhere around two hundred fifty. By now, who knows how many its been? Going out to eat is our favorite (and probably our only) activity. So, why would California be any different? Continue reading “Eating Our Way Through Cali”

Still Having Trouble Saving?

Recently, I shared a post all about how to begin saving your money. So, now I’m going to share with you the best way to save money for school specifically.

Step One: get a small jar. Just a plain small jar. You can even label it “bar and social fund” like me (thanks, Big).

Step Two: put money in it.

Okay, that’s it! Continue reading “Still Having Trouble Saving?”

Saving Your Money: A Guide

A lot of people always ask me how I have the funds to do things, for example; like going to California on a whim, or buying a new purse, and I never really know how to answer that question. I was brought up with the ideology that talking about money is crass and rude, and that everything concerning the topic should be kept absolutely private. My parents have never disclosed any information about their finances with me, and I’ve never asked. I haven’t shared anything about my own with them, or anyone else, either. The only time I’ll make a comment concerning money is when I joke about having $1 in my wallet (which occurred this morning, actually).

For as long as I can remember, my parents have been hounding me to save my money. When I was younger, they used to pay me an allowance of $2 a month (yep, I meant to type ‘month’) and made me save all of it. Because of how much they stressed the importance of saving money, I have always tried my best to do what they had told me.  Continue reading “Saving Your Money: A Guide”